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Vehicle Co-Hosting & Management

  • Is there a contract?
    We've established a formal agreement that outlines the precise terms of our business partnership. This agreement guarantees a shared understanding of our expectations and guidelines.
  • Is there a minimum term?
    Certainly, it's a 3-month period commencing upon the execution of the agreement with the owner, with automatic renewal for an additional 3-month term. This renewal is subject to termination and non-renewal, as specified in the Agreement, with no associated penalties.
  • How exactly do the earnings work?
    With our UPSCALE Membership, you'll enjoy an even higher percentage, earning 70% of the net vehicle earnings. For instance, if your car makes $2,000 in a month (as indicated by the purple bar on the Turo earnings screen), your payment would be $1400 after deducting your monthly membership fee. If we incur unreimbursed refueling costs (for instance, when guests purchase prepaid refueling and we have to refuel), these expenses will be subtracted from your earnings, provided receipts are available. With our UPSCALE Membership, you'll enjoy an even higher percentage, earning 75% of the net vehicle earnings. Using the same example, you'd receive a payment of $1,400 after subtracting your monthly membership fee.
  • How do I know you are reporting all earnings?
    On the 13th of every month, you can expect to receive a comprehensive earnings report for your vehicle. This report will feature a screenshot of the Turo earnings screen, filtered to display your car's performance. Additionally, we will provide PDF attachments for each trip receipt page, ensuring that you have easy access to reservation IDs, guest names, reservation dates, mileage logged, trip prices, delivery fees, excess mileage charges, smoking fees, and more.
  • How do I know you are not using my car outside of Turo?
    One of our prerequisites is the installation of a real-time tracker in your vehicle. This essential component allows us to maintain continuous oversight of your car's location and mileage.
  • What happens if my car is damaged?
    We treat damages to your vehicle with the same care as we would for our own cars. Prior to each trip, we consistently capture no fewer than 30 pre-trip photos. These images enable us to promptly file a claim and seek reimbursement from the guest. In the event that, after a 20-day period, we are unable to recover the costs from the guest, or if the guest is unresponsive, we will escalate the matter to Turo. We are committed to promptly notifying you of any damage to your vehicle. As outlined in our Agreement, you will be responsible for the deductible based on your selected Protection plan.
  • Who pays for repairs and maintenance?
    The responsibility for all repair and maintenance expenses lies with the vehicle owner. However, we will manage all the logistical aspects, which includes taking your car to your preferred service center and obtaining estimates for your approval before commencing any work. The cost of the repairs will be covered by us upon completion, with the expenses deducted from your monthly earnings, provided that receipts are available.
  • Will you accept any car?
    At this time, we have limited availability due to our strong reputation, outstanding performance metrics, and space constraints. We are actively seeking investment partners who share our dedication to generating passive income through high-quality, high-performance vehicles in the Dallas Metroplex market. Our preference is for vehicles with a market value exceeding $40,000, within the past three model years, and in excellent condition. All vehicles must be equipped with a functional real-time tracker, possess valid registration (from any state), and carry comprehensive insurance that covers both your vehicle and our team when not in use on Turo. Additionally, cars should hold a clean Title and have never been permanently removed from the Turo platform for any reason
  • How and when do I get paid?
    Our preferred method for payouts is Electronic Payment through Direct Deposit. If you prefer, we can also mail you a physical check upon request. You can expect to receive your detailed report in PDF format via email on the 13th of each month. Once you approve the report, we will promptly process and send your funds
  • Will I have to pay for cleaning, detailing, smoke removal, delivery, and parking?
    Indeed, there are minor charges associated with parking, tracking, and car wash subscriptions. Apart from the membership fees, your expenses are limited to approved repair and maintenance costs, along with any unreimbursed refueling expenses.
  • What about toll violations?
    If you happen to receive a toll violation notice by mail, kindly forward the violation notice to us via email. We will then redact your personal information, submit it to the guest for reimbursement, and transfer the funds to you through Cash App. This will enable you to promptly settle the violation online.
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